The Art of Waterproofing Window Openings

"Eyebrow" detail

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Add to TwitterOne of the most difficult areas to address in the prevention of moisture infiltration is a window or door opening. Our ancestors solved this problem in a beautiful and effective way – the inclusion of artistic architectural details above window and door openings. These details deflected moisture around and away from windows and doors. Unfortunately, many modern buildings have moved away from this practice. Too often, water can run directly into window and door openings and work its way into the building envelope.

Masonry Technology has two innovative, new products that help in the battle against moisture intrusion around window and door openings. MTI’s Moisture DiverterTM is a moisture deflection product that moves water that penetrates above a window or door off to the side and down into the drainage plane – just like the “eyebrow” detail of the Victorian era. The only difference is that MTI’s Moisture DiverterTM is placed above a window or door inside the building envelope. This “invisibility” makes it a good choice regardless of the building’s façade.

The second Masonry Technology product that deals with moisture problems around window openings is MTI’s Window Drainage PlaneTM. This product goes on top of the sill before the window is slid into the opening. When installed according to MTI’s specifications, moisture problems such as rot that so often plague the bottom of the framing are eliminated. These two products and the animations showing how to incorporate them into the building envelope can be found in the HyperSpecsTM and Products sections of MTI’s website.

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