Daily Dose: Symbiotic Green Wall

Symbiotic Green Wall for construction sites

Add to TwitterTo be quite frank, I don’t think that my home town has ever had construction extensive enough to warrant a wall separating it from the surrounding civilization. I have, however, experienced the eyesores around construction sites in larger cities that can put a definite damper on an otherwise enjoyable urban landscape. No longer, though! I predict that every city will be wracking its collective brain over what it can construct in order to try out the new Symbiotic Green Wall designed by Kooho Jung and Hayeon Kelly Choi. It’s promoted as an “urban ecosystem for construction areas” and its insightful design takes many environmental factors into consideration.

symbiotic green wall

Symbiotic Green Wall "pods"

The Symbiotic Green Wall is a double-layered wall system whose interior wall collects rainwater and grey water from the construction site, filters and stores it and redistributes it around the site. Part of its redistribution includes a sprinkler system to control dust. The exterior wall has a variety of “pods” that house grasses or other plants (watered via the wall collection system), birds’ nests, lighting and even provide seating to passersby. Some of the pods contain gauges (shown in blue in the above rendering) for environmental sensors that monitor noise, air quality, dust, vibrations and odors; this information is made transparent for the public. The Symbiotic double-wall system also helps to control some of these environmental factors by absorbing heat and noise. Now I just need to hope that Cresco will soon be needing some long-term construction; I volunteer us as a test city!

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