Daily Dose: Everingham Rotating House

Add to TwitterI wish I had known about the Everingham Rotating House when I was writing the Daily Dose about kinetic architecture, but I hope you’ll agree that it’s better late than never. The impressive design for this Australian home also increases its energy efficiency – and it’s affordable!

Everingham Rotating House

As you can see, the octagonal home is constructed mainly of glass and steel – the many windows are what allows the house to capitalize on sunlight. Its 360 degree rotation is powered by a small electric motor. At top speed, the house can complete a full rotation in 30 minutes; a more leisurely spinning takes approximately two hours. Computer programs control the movement of the Everingham’s residence. Use of a touch screen allows the house to be moved at will, while computerized programs can be created to put the house on “auto pilot” if, for example, one wanted the house to follow the movement of the sun through the day/year. According to the Everinghams’ website, the house is no more expensive than homes of similar size and quality. I suppose the pricy bit would be finding a plot of land you actually want to face on all sides!

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