Daily Dose: Butterfly Houses

Add to TwitterTYIN Tegnestue Architects, a non-profit organization managed by five architectural students, is the mastermind behind the Butterfly Houses which are providing comfort and shelter to the Karen refugees of Thailand. The architectural students attend the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and most of their funding comes from 60+ Norwegian companies as well as from private contributions.

Butterfly Houses by TYIN Tegnestue Architects; Image courtesy of TYIN

The Butterfly Houses (Soe Ker Tie Hias) in Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand were so named for their unusual appearance. Roofs that flip up allow for maximal ventilation as well the ability to collect rainwater during the dry seasons. Locally-harvested bamboo is the primary material for these homes and is woven in a traditional method also seen in local crafts. These pre-fabricated homes are assembled on-site and are raised off the ground slightly by four foundations poured in old tires to mediate moisture and rot problems.

Interior; Image courtesy of TYIN

Woven Walls; Image courtesy of TYIN

TYIN says that their goal was to provide the refugees, who are mostly children, with private spaces to live and a more normal neighborhood setting. The following is a quote from TYIN:

Through the course of the last year TYIN has worked with planning and constructing small scale projects in Thailand. We aim to build strategic projects that can improve the lives for people in difficult situations. Through extensive collaboration with locals, and mutual learning, we hope that our projects can have an impact beyond the physical structures.

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