Daily Dose: Argentinian View House

Add to TwitterAs I was collecting pictures for today’s Daily Dose, I realized that the View House bears striking similarity to the Jiangsu Museum of yesterday’s post. The façades of both buildings use primarily concrete and glass, a design choice that allows them to be simultaneously imposing and weightless. Jiangsu’s thin, vertical windows give the structure a visible lift from its foundation. The View House, on the other hand, has windows that wrap around the building and guide our eyes in a more horizontal fashion. A traveling focal point along a dynamic exterior is a defining characteristic of these two very different buildings – read on to discover more specifics about the View House.

View House; Image courtesy of Diego Arraigada

View House; Image courtesy of Diego Arraigada

Located in Rosario, Argentina, the View House’s surroundings were important to its conception. Designers Diego Arraigada and Johnston Marklee wanted the home to connect with the landscape, yet retain adequate privacy for the owners. Large windows offer spectacular views from each side of the house; there is no “front” or “back” to the View House. The clean, modern interior spirals upward to a roof terrace. View House also makes use of natural light and air movement to lessen its environmental impact.

View House; Image courtesy of Diego Arraigada

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2 Responses

  1. Interesting concept. I liked the openings with glass to glass corner to bring in the sweeping view. The interior seems oppressive with the massive ceiling structure and more than a little spare, cold, and unlivable on the interior.

  2. Isn’t it though? I’m with you as far as it feeling a little cold – it’s an impressive building to show off but not necessarily one to come “home” to.

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