Living Green: MTI Gives Back

Add to TwitterMasonry Technology isn’t your typical manufacturing company and John Koester, our founder and CEO, isn’t your typical gardener. This spring, he’s planted 25,000 square feet of vegetables including 2,000 hills of potatoes, 1,800 onion sets and assorted squash, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and carrots.

John in the garden!

Where does all this food go? While MTI employees do enjoy a few lunchtime meals of freshly picked and cooked veggies, most of the produce is donated to area individuals or organizations. A local NPO that serves as a rehabilitation center, an area soup kitchen and clinic, as well as many military veterans or handicapped individuals who are confined to their homes have all benefited from John’s green thumb and giving nature. It’s the kind of environmental and social concern you’d expect from a company that is continuously diligent in its sustainability of production and quality of service.

Next time you’re in the area, stop on by. If your timing’s right, we may just have an armful of the “fruits of our labors” to send with you!

**This article was published in our Spring 2010 edition of Moisture Matters™, MTI’s quarterly newsletter. If you missed out, contact us ( or 800-879-3348) to receive a copy by email!

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