New AIA Course for Beta Testing

Add to TwitterMasonry Technology has just completed a new online course that will be eligible for HSW (Health, Safety, and Welfare) and Sustainability credit from the AIA once it is approved. The course, entitled Don’t Waste Your Energy: Rainscreen Drainage Systems Save Energy, Increase Structural Durability and Improve HSW, explores the negative impact of moisture on all types of insulation. It also examines the health and sustainability implications of entrapped moisture.

Those who take this course can expect to learn how holistic building practices improve the construction process; how “tightening” buildings for energy savings have actually caused a variety of energy and structural problems; how some of the things we commonly detail into the building envelope are accelerating the moisture problems; and tips for choosing and installing an effective rainscreen drainage system to overcome these energy, durability and health issues.

Before any AIA/CES provider can get an online course approved and listed by the AIA, it must be Beta tested and verified by at least ten individuals. MTI is seeking candidates to take the class with the understanding that as soon as the course is approved, they will be given credit for it. There is no cost, nor do you have to be an architect or AIA member to take it. The only thing we need from those taking the class is an affidavit on your letterhead stating that you took the class and that it lasted an hour. As soon as we have ten affidavits, we will submit the course to the AIA/CES office to be approved as an online, asynchronous course with HSW and Sustainability credit. Though we can’t guarantee that it will be approved, we haven’t had a course turned down yet.

If you are willing to be a Beta tester, please contact Mark Johnson ( or 800.879.3348) stating that you would like to take the class. This course is open to all, and you will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the class and submitting your affidavit.

**This article was published in our Spring 2010 edition of Moisture Matters™, MTI’s quarterly newsletter. If you missed out, contact us ( or 800-879-3348) to receive a copy by email!

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