Daily Dose: Cycling Pavilion

Add to TwitterI’ve been writing about various countries’ pavilions at the 2010 World Expo for about a week now, and despite the remarkable architectural innovation I’ve been sharing with you, I still think of a “pavilion” as a tented structure housing information booths. Perhaps Denmark’s spiraled cycling track will finally change that!

Danish Cycling Pavilion; Image ©Iwan Baan

Little Mermaid, Promenade; Image ©Iwan Baan

The interior of the white painted steel Danish Pavilion, designed by BIG Architects, houses a gently spiraled track for cyclists. It is paved with the same blue material found on bike paths in Denmark. With 300 bikes available for visitors to the pavilion, everyone will have a chance to experience what it’s like to travel in Denmark. For an added taste of Danish culture, a small pool at the base of the ultra-chic track showcases one of Copenhagen’s treasures – a statue of H. C. Andersen’s Little Mermaid. (I find it somewhat humorous that a pool of water is waiting at the bottom of a spiraling bike path, were you to lose control of your bike… something I would almost certainly do).

In keeping with the Shanghai Expo’s sustainability theme of “Better Life, Better City,” the Danish pavilion’s light exterior helps keep it cool by reflecting the sun’s rays. Of course, all of the cycling activity on the interior encourages city-folk to walk or bike as sustainable modes of transportation. A rooftop garden offers a view of the Expo, although it wasn’t mentioned what’s being grown up there… maybe some fruit-and-veggie munchies for the ride down?

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