Daily Dose: Office Egg

Add to TwitterAre you looking for an alternative to your windowless, cramped office cubicle? Perhaps you should look into the “Blob VB3,” an egg-shaped design by Belgian architecture firm dmvA. Okay, okay, it doesn’t really help with the windowless situation (although it does have a handy little pop-out skylight), but it’s got some pretty interesting design elements that could make it a fun place to spend your working hours.

The Blob; Image ©dmvA

The Blob Interior; Image ©dmvA

The amount of shelving and storage alone makes this a fabulous office interior. It also features a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area (which, admittedly, is just one of the shelves. Still.) Lots of interior lighting and white walls keep the space bright and cheery, and if your possessions are as colorful as the ones in the photos you’ll have quite the photogenic workplace! If at some point you want a change of scenery, you’re in luck – the “Blob” is made primarily of a light polyester material and is thus very mobile.

Bed shelf in the Blob; Image ©dmvA

What do you think? Could you work from someplace like the “Blob?”

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