Daily Dose: Hang Nga “Crazy House”

Add to TwitterThe Hang Nga Guesthouse in Dalat, Vietnam projects such a nonconformist exterior that it’s known locally as the “Crazy House.” Indeed, it does look like something out of a dark Alice in Wonderland-esque fantasy world. The hotel reportedly does not get many overnight guests but makes most of its money giving day tours to visitors.

Crazy House; Image ©Tom Ravenscroft

Hang Viet Nga is the architect of “Crazy House.” As the daughter of a former president of Vietnam, Nga was afforded a bit more free reign than is usually enjoyed by architects and designers in the region. The guesthouse is actually built inside of a large tree complete with theme rooms, a monkey cage, balconies and a sculpture garden. Though the result is more than slightly haphazard, Crazy House maintains an air of intrigue that continues to attract tourists… though most are still too nervous to spend an entire evening in this strange menagerie.

Crazy House; Image courtesy of inhabitat.com

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