Window Rough Opening Moisture Management – The Movie

We recently wrote a piece on Moisture Management in the Window Rough Opening that I blogged about in December.  That article in its entirety can be downloaded at  The article gives specific instructions on how to protect the window rough opening against moisture and air intrusion, and it is filled with illustrations on how to accomplish the task.  However, many people like to learn from video so we have produced a movie on the entire process.  You can view Window Rough Opening Moisture Management — The Movie,  in our YouTube library.

Most quality modern windows do a fairly effective job of keeping moisture and air out of the building.  The problem usually lies at the installation stage.  Proper procedures are not used to correctly prepare the window rough opening to keep moisture and air out, and to quickly (that’s the key word) drain moisture that does enter the window rough opening.  Now you can get our take how to correctly prepare the window rough opening by reading the article and watching the video.  Those are my thoughts, as always, I welcome yours!

Window RO Moisture Management Components

This is a top-down view of a window rough opening with moisture management.

We will be featuring a series of articles on moisture management headaches in the building envelope over the next couple of months.  Watch for a piece on parapet walls coming soon.