Need LEED? Bay Area Builder Wrote the Book!

Anyone contemplating a LEED project could learn a lot from Mike McDonald.  McDonald Construction of Oakland, California, has become a recognized leader in the sustainable design and build industry of Northern California.  Over the last three years, Mike McDonald and company have created some of the most recognized LEED projects in the U.S.  Masonry Technology Inc. is proud to have been part of them.

The national recognition started in 2009 with the completion of Margarido House.  Margarido House, located on Margarido Drive in Oakland, was the first LEED Platinum Home in Northern California.  Margarido is a study in wise choices.  Great thought went into the location for the home, the selection of craftsmen and artisans chosen for the work, the materials used to create the house, and the fixtures and appliances installed in it.  You can find out more about the people and products McDonald selected for Margarido House here.

With a successful LEED Platinum project under his belt, Mike worked with architect Scott Lee of SB Architects in San Francisco to create the beautiful Hillside 131 house.  Tucked into a hill in Marin County, Hillside 131 became the first LEED-H project in Marin County.  As one writer put it, there is a “real feel of zen” about Hillside 131.  That feeling comes from the perfect combination of sustainable materials, beautiful craftsmanship, and gorgeous design set into the perfect space.  Learn more about the people and products involved in Hillside 131 here.

The final component in the LEED trilogy was just completed.  Tiburon Bay House, also located in the Bay Area, offers a slightly different take on how to create a LEED Platinum home.  Unlike the first two projects, Tiburon sprung up on a lot that was previously occupied by another home.  That home was deconstructed and 95% of the materials were reused or recycled.  With a south facing exposure, Tiburon is the perfect place to employ passive solar into the design, and that is just one of the environmentally-friendly features of this home.  You can learn more about Tiburon Bay House here.

Whether you are planning a LEED project for the immediate future or thinking about one down the road, these three LEED success stories by McDonald Construction are well worth your study!

Tiburon Bay House

Tiburon Bay LEED Platinum House SF Bay Area


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