F.L. Wright – Native American Art – Helping the Homeless

So what have these three things got to do with each other.  Plenty if you live in the Bay Area!  This weekend is the 28th Annual Native American Art Show at the Marin County Civic Center.  Tonight (Friday, February 26) is Opening Night and a benefit for Homeward Bound, and area program that serves homeless families.  Tickets for the Opening Night Preview are $25 at the civic center, and if you are in the area, I encourage your attendance.  You’re helping a worthy cause, and you will see some beautiful NA art offered by 200 dealers.  You will also be able to sample hors d’oeuvre from an area Puerto Rican restaurant.  The entire show runs through the weekend.

Besides the worthy cause and the enjoyment of learning more about Native American culture and art, you also will be in the last commissioned project by America’s great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  The Marin County Civic Center and related structures is a national and state designated historic landmark and a true testament to Wright’s genius at blending buildings and nature through organic architecture.  The roof is blue and blends with the sky while the beige exterior sits naturally with the surrounding hills.  There are beautiful gardens and ponds on the grounds.  The inside is lit with skylights and natural spaces are created with atriums.  According to the Marin County website, the building’s central focus is its 80-foot diameter dome and accompanying 172-foot spire.

If you either live in the Bay Area, or if you just happen to be there this weekend, the event is definitely worth your time.  Whether you are a Wright-aficionado, enjoy Native American Art, or simply want to help homeless families, this is the place to be!


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