About MTI


The Company

Masonry Technology, Inc. provides the leading technology for the masonry industry when it comes to removing moisture from building envelopes. For over 25 years we have invested ourselves in making improvements for the masonry industry.
We have also invested in providing contractors, architects, and engineers useful information and just as important – making that information easy to find and use.

Going Green

At Masonry Technology Inc., we recognize the challenges being faced to protect and improve the world we share. We believe that providing our customers with the best moisture control systems and services in the industry and being environmentally conscious go hand-in-hand. At MTI “Going Green” is more than just a slogan; it’s how we do business!
MTI’s moisture control systems are produced in a way that both respects nature and ensures that your wall systems are protected from its effects. Our drainage plane systems are made from raw materials that use a minimum of 96% post-industrial recycled material. Ongoing efforts are in place to minimize production waste. Our current manufacturing process has a material yield percentage of over 99.8%, which minimizes costs for our customers and waste in the landfill.

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