Daily Dose: Go Fly a Kite

Add to TwitterMexico is changing things up a bit in Shanghai at the World Exposition. Besides building an actual pavilion, they are also erecting what’s been dubbed a “kite forest.” Why kites? Read on to find out.

Mexico's "Kite Forest"; Image ©expo2010.cn

The name for kite comes from the Nahuatl word “papalotl” meaning “butterfly.” (Nahuan languages are indigenous to Mesoamerica and are primarily spoken in Central Mexico.) Besides representing Mexican people’s aspirations for better lives and communities, the kite also ties Mexico to China, as the kite originated in China. Throughout the colorful kite forest in Shanghai are touchscreens which enable visitors to learn about future sustainable building projects in Mexico.

Doesn’t it look like these flat “kites” could be easily converted into solar panels? It could be a cheerful, interactive community installation that also provided power to surrounding neighborhoods. What do you think?

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