Daily Dose: Peak Series

Add to TwitterVisiondivision is revolutionizing the design of vacation homes. The pre-fabricated structures are visually simple, but nevertheless offer functional environments for recreational life in a variety of locations. So far, Visiondivision has imaged these homes as cabins, vessels and ski slopes, to name a few.

Visiondivision peak series home; Image courtesy of archdaily.com

As you can see from the above photograph, the “peak series” homes have climbable exteriors with hatches opening at different levels. Each individual hatch leads to a sleeping area on the interior mezzanine second storey. Guests can truly come and go as they please – finding their footholds to the ground below or taking a dive from their windows in the case of the floating homes.

Visiondivison Peak Series Vessel; Images courtesy of archdaily.com

Visiondivison peak series interior; Image courtesy of archdaily.com

The first floor is a more open “social” area while the uppermost level houses the master bedroom and bathroom facilities. As of now, the homes are available in Scandinavia in two sizes. The smaller has a single master bedroom and accommodations for six guests; the larger can house twice as many individuals.

Depending on how mobile these vacation homes are, you could have a great unit for a variety of destinations… I know I could find a few places I’d like to set these up!

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