Daily Dose: DomeSpace Homes

Add to TwitterDesigned in 1988 by Patrick Marsilli, DomeSpace Homes still have a futuristic look about them. As you’d expect from their name, these living structures are dome-shaped. They also rotate, following the sun for maximum exposure to the solar panels. These features, along with a few others, help make DomeSpace Homes some of the leading sustainable buildings being constructed.

Solaleya DomeSpace Home; Image courtesy of Solaleya

DomeSpace Homes were first sold in France; in the U.S. they’re marketed through the distributer Solaleya. Ninety percent of each home is built with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified wood. They’re insulated with environmentally friendly cork and the skylights in the roof allow for natural, bright lighting in the interiors. (That’s a big plus for me! Although I do wonder what it’d be like to try and change the curtains…) Like the Everingham Rotating House, DomeSpace Homes can be rotated using a remote control or preset to follow the movements of the sun.

Windows, Solaleya Home; Image courtesy of Solaleya

Though I think the open interior layout would take some getting used to (among other things, sound carries like you wouldn’t believe – it’s virtually impossible to tell where someone is in the house!), it certainly has its benefits. Air quality and circulation is improved, and heating/cooling energy is greatly reduced. DomeSpace Homes are also safe in natural disaster situations. They can withstand category 5 hurricanes and earthquakes up to a magnitude of 8.0.

*Thanks to Kathy for the Facebook tip on Solaleya!

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